CLIVE BARKER SIGNED The Hellbound Heart HELLRAISER Earthling Publication 1st/1st

Clive Barker SIGNED * BOOK True 1st Hardback Publication "The Hellbound Heart" STORY BASIS FOR "HELLRAISER" FLICKS

True first hardback publication of `The Hellbound Heart."
SIGNED BY TWO: Clive Barker and Peter Atkins!
MY ORIGINAL PHOTO: Clive Barker signs books for fans in Pasadena, California
Extras in the book include Clive Barker`s early illustrations for characters and scenes!

The impact of this horror novella by Clive Barker can't be overstated. The story is the basis for a landmark horror franchise. It inspired a generation of horror films, books, comics, action figures, and video games. Critics have called the story a "classic of modern horror literature" and compared the book to Mary Shelley's " Frankenstein " and Bram Stroker's " Dracula ." This is a MUST-HAVE collectible for your collection.

This book comes from my personal collection: This is a 1st Edition, 1st Printing hardback copy of CLIVE BARKER'S short story, " THE HELLBOUND HEART ." This story is the basis for the Hellraiser movies . This was the first TRUE hardback stand-only publication of the story. The book was originally released as a paperback only - and wasn't released as a hardback until this publication on the 20th Anniversary! This hardback publication had a VERY limited release
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