Clock DVA "White Souls in Black Suits" CD (1980)

Baron Elmo proudly presents a criminallyneglected masterpiece of U.K. post-punk from Sheffield art-funksters CLOCK DVA: their debut White Souls in Black Suits , first released in 1980 as a cassette by Throbbing Gristle's Industrial label, issued on disc many years later by Contempo, now long out of print. Often ranked with dark groove bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA actually used very different means to explore similar ends. W CabVolt filtered funk rhythms through abrasive electronics, Clock DVA approached their funk from more of a jazz direction. (An even more useful comparison from the same era might be Bristol's The Pop Group.) The Trouser Press Guide calls it “devolved bebop,” which nails down their sound as well as anything. It’s an eerie and intensely compelling vibe, nailed down by a driving rhythm section and topped by the excellent two-horn punch of lead vocalist Adi Newton (clarinet) and Charlie Collins (saxophones). Newton’s gruff, powerful singing suits the mood perfectly, and the somewhat murky sound quality only adds to the music's dark ambiance. This band was years ahead of its time… and their art-damaged funk sounds amazingly fresh a full three decades after the fact. With the newly kindled interest in early Eighties post-punk groove, it should be only a matter of time before Clock DVA’s music gets re-discovered

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Film Sound Track (Keyboards Assemble Themselves at Dawn)


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