Clock Repair DVD Video - American Tall Case Clock with English Movement Repair

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Al Takatsch

Video Preview's available on my YouTube Channel: /user/altaka1

Its up to You to bring all your Clocks back to Life!!

Welcome to my Clock Repair Series, this DVD features the American Tall Case Clock made by Jacob Craft with English 8 Day Movement Repair. 3 hours 50 minutes.

I hope you enjoy working on your first Tall Case Clock Movement.

There are hundreds of Clocks waiting to be repaired and you'll find them at yard sales, auctions and even your own attic or basement. Increase their value and beauty so they can be enjoyed by the next generation.

I created this Movement Specific Video to help you through the repair process and theory of clock movement operations. I explain the repair process by putting myself in your position. This movement is used in several different clock cases. Many techniques learned here are similar in other Movements.

I'll show you the steps such as Examination, Spliting the plates, Cleaning and polishing the working components, Repairs as needed such as Bushing Work and Assembly.

As I add more Repair Video's you can keep track of them by
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