Clock/Watch repair tool assortment

Here for auction is a great assortment of Clock/Watch repair tools, all personally used by me and in very serviceable condition. The list is as follows:- 2 x Clock brushes. 2 x Clock/Watch hammers. 1 x Set mainspring letting down tools. 2 x Graver handles. 4 x Gravers. 1 x Small hand vice. 1 x Bundle pegwood. 9 x Assorted needle files. 5 x Pintong/chucks. 1 x Pinvice ( closing screw missing). 3 x Tweezers (two of stainless) . 1 x Watch/Clock hand drill. 2 x Double ended roller countersinks. 6 x Burrs. 1 x Small oblong stake. 1 x Circular glass cutter. 5 x Various slip stones. 2 x Water of Ayr stones (one brand new). 4 x Mainspring clamps. 2 x Hand pullers. 10 x Assorted reamers (four tapered and six parallel). 27 x Cutting broaches assorted sizes. 1 x Tube of very small size cutting broaches. 17 x Watch/Clock nicely honed screwdrivers. One tool I cannot identify although its been with me for years is the one between the hand pullers and the burrs in the photo! This is a selection not to be missed and therefore I've put a reasonable starting price. UK posting only. Goodluck bidding