Close Combat Clasp in Bronze German Infantry Medal

To the ebaypolice. No reason for deletion. This auction does not include prohibited items or symbols. This article corresponds to the German order act of 57 and confirm with all ebay rules. The article was photographed by all sides

Nahkampfspange - Close Combat Clasp in Bronze

You are bidding on a close combat clasp in Bronze. This clasp is marked with "21" Godet Berlin Germany, on the needle. The production was continued up after the end of the 2nd World War still to the early sixties. The production was given up later. It can therefore be either a very early production or also a 2nd making for the medal strap.

The close combat clasp was the highest German war award of the infantry in the second World War. Please only bid, if you truely plan on owning the item and can afford it.

The award case is not included. You are bidding only for the close combat clasp.

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