Cloud's 4-Piece Buster Sword

This is a 4-Piece Replica of Cloud's Buster Sword. This sword is extremely hard to come by anymore since Square had a lawsuit against companies making these w/o their permission. I bought this sword brand new and all I did was put it together and hang it. It's been extremely nice having such a piece of beauty as this but it is now taking up space and I could use the money for the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, this would make a great gift for any fan of the Final Fantasy Series. are the specs for it:

Assembled: 43 1/2 inches overall, 32 inch blade length, 9 1/2 inch handle

Main Blade: 40 1/4 inches overall, 29 inch blade length, 9 1/2 inch handle

Rear Blade: 32 1/2 inches overall, 26 inch blade length, 6 1/2 inch handle

Side Blades: 21 inches overall, 15 inch blade length, 6 inch handle.

Weight: Roughly 12 lbs.

The sword is being sold as-is, but trust me, you'll have no reason to want to return it. :)

If you buy it at the Buy It Now! price, shipping is free!

If you have any other questions, or want additional information and/or pictures, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!