Club Connex Fitting System 27 pcs !!! Awesome Deal !!!

Club Connex Fitting System 27 pcs !!! Awesome Deal !!!
16 Shaft Sleeves & 10 Hosel ! 335 & 350 ! Wrench! L@@K!
This auction is for a great set of Club Connex fitting pieces. Included are 16 shaft sleeves as well as 10 hosel fittings. These are designed for RIGHT HANDED golfers. They will lock tighter with each hit.
T are 12 shaft sleeves fitting a .335 shaft.
T are 4 shaft sleeves for a .370 shaft, which were used for a .350 shaft and worked fine.
Also t are 10 hosel fittings. Most will be for a .335 hosel. I think t are roughly 2 for a .370 which can be sanded to fit a .350.
These are not marked on them so I cannot tell you exactly how many are .335 and how many are .370, but t are 10 total.
Most of these pieces have been used and still contain some epoxy that will need to be cleaned out.
This auction includes the wrench. The wrench does have a hosel fitting screwed into it pretty tightly. I have not been able to remove it, but I do not have a vice grips, etc to use to get a hold of it.
Simply epoxy the shaft into a sleeve and epoxy the hosel adapter in and you are readily able to change shafts by merely screwing them on and off ! ! This is a great tool for comparing different shaft combos with a single head. This saves countless hours of re shafting clubs over and over again ! !
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