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Summary This limited edition Seinfeld Clue Game takes the ultimate murder mystery game into the realm of Jerry Seinfeld and his gang of unforgettable characters! Everyones favorite postal worker Newman is blackmailing his friends with an embarrassing newsletter until someone bonks him over the head and steals the newsletter. Solve the mystery to determine who knocks him out and with what object. Will it be the neurotic George, crazy Cosmo Kramer, Jerry, Elaine, Puddy or even Frank Costanza? Use your detective skills to reveal clues that will lead you to uncovering the culprit while enjoying references to your favorite TV series about nothing! This ultra-collectible game is suitable for 3-6 players ages 9 and up.
Specifications - Clue, seinfeld
- At a gathering at jerry?s apartment, newman unveils a homemade newsletter containing embarrassing stories about jerry, elaine, george, kramer, puddy and peterman
- 6 suspects, 1 thief, 9 weapons and newman is out cold
- 9 Locations in New York City where the crime may occur
- Intrigue and Clock cards ? new to the Clue brand, they provide directives that
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