Cluster R Standard ARM Model Rocket Kit Parts not Estes

I spent many years enjoying model rocketry with my son in the mid 1990's! But he has grown now and I have various model rocket kits, engines and accessories that I am listing. This auction listing is for a Cluster R Standard ARM kit as well as extra cone and parachute from another project as shown in the photos. (Please be sure to c heck out my other items above for other engines and kits available as well as some miscellaneous accessories - I'll be listing more over the coming days). I will be glad to combine shipping on multiple purchases to save you money where I am able on certain items. Feel free to contact me depending on how many different auctions you are looking at and we can figure out shipping costs.
Up for auction are parts for an uncompleted project that we never finished. It is for a Cluster R Standard ARM kit. I am also including a cone and parachute assembly from what I believe was a LOC rocket kit at one point (the large cone and orange parachute are not part of the Cluster R Standard ARM kit - they are 2 different things). These are very large - the second picture shows my hand in it to give you an idea of perspective.
I can not confirm that all the parts are here - but it does seem to have everything. The end of the cone where the fins are attached appears to be slightly elongated just slightly - like
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