Clyde's Car Crusher Play Set by Remco 1979 w/ Box

Hello! This is a listing for a vintage Clyde's Car Crusher play set, made by Remco, 1979. Toy comes in played-with condition. It is missing the iron-on patch, the markers, and the aluminum foil. Includes all the essentials, though. There's the car crushing machine itself, the molds and chassis, the flatbed, the tow truck, the billboard, the instructions, and the box. It does have a few flaws. Both tabs are missing for the billboard. It is supposed to insert along the back edge of the car crushing machine, but can't. Also, 1 of the tabs is broken off the hoist assembly, so it has a very difficult time staying in place and can NOT be used properly. The hoist is also missing the foam pads, so, as/is, it can't pick any cars up, either.
The rest of the machine works well, with nothing broken, chipped, or cracked. It does have marker stains here and there. The clear plastic plate has a lot of marker on it from play wear. There is also marker, um, marks on the yellow conveyor and red crusher. The hoist works fine as far as the elevator and the gripper is concerned, but as mentioned, the flaws make it impossible to use as/is. A lot of the decals are still on the toy, but some are peeling and some have edge wear and creasing.
The tow truck and flatbed are both in excellent condition, but both are missing a few hubcap decals. Both
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