CM Custom BREYER Foxhound to Pointer dog figurine!

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Meet "Cowboy", a Traditional scale field type English Pointer, ready to get out in the field and point some Traditional scale model birds for you!

This handsome fellow is a collaborative custom model, created by sisters Emily McFadden of Ghost Wolf Ranch, and Meredith McFadden of Dragon Ridge Studios!

He started out as the Breyer English Foxhound #1519, sculpted by "S. Swink".

First, Emily removed and completely resculpted the left foreleg, brought the right fore back and the right hind forward and flat on the ground, and raising the tail slightly. He is now in a pose that suggests he just came to a halt after spotting game in the brush, ready to flush the bird at his handler's command. She also resculpted the muzzle so his mouth is closed, and to give it the "soft" mouth with slightly droopy lips typical of the breed.

In acrylic paints Meredith gave him a sharp black and white coat with subtle ticking, and soft shading in gray and pink pastels, and brown eyes. His eyes and nose are glossed.

He comes with his own collars, one in black goat lace leather with a metal "nameplate"(actually a spacer bar mounted with headpins), and a "visibility orange" hunting collar made with grosgrain ribbon, which mimics nylon
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