CNJ JERSEY CENTRAL Plans Hackensack River Bridge 1941

JERSEY CENTRAL CNJ Proposal for new HackensacK River Bridge, Kearny-Jersey City, NJ 1941

In 1941, the US War Department requested the CNJ replace the existing 2-track swing bridge between Kearny and Jersey City, NJ with a veretical lift bridge (like CNJ's Newark Bay Draw). Another war was evident and the US War Department needed better access to the shipyards in Kearny, NJ and the existing CNJ bridge would not allow larger ships to transit the structure. Tfore in March, 1941 preparations began to construct a new railroad bridge. However the war did start and due to shortages of material, the new CNJ bridge was NEVER BUILT! This file contains nearly 200 pages of letters between the CRR-NJ, US War Department, variouys contractors, blueprint drawings and plans for the new bridge, suggested track diagrams with new interlockings and other historic paperwork.

Many CNJ railroad historians have never heard of this proposed project and these files have never before been known to exist.All original signatures, letters and specifications...a true collectors item of CRR-NJ history. From a former CNJ railroad official's private library.