Coal Company Scrip - Hutchinson Coal Company $5.00 Token - 39 mm

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Coal Company Token

Hutchinson Coal Company unlisted
coal mine token, probably Hepzibah, WVA.
38 mm, scalloped edge
arrow cut out

This offering is for a $5.00 Coal Mining Scrip token similar to the one pictured. Used, but in pretty nice condition.

This token was issued by Hutchinson Coal Company and was good for merchandise at the company store. Measures about 39 millimeters in diameter (1-9/16 inch). Not sure when this particular token variety was issued.

A reminder of bygone days when the company owned you body and soul. Not only did you live in company housing, but heat, maintenance, the cost of doctor visits and other items were deducted directly from your pay - helping to make you completely dependent upon the company. To top everything off, you got paid the balance of your wages in scrip good only at the company store.

As a short history on scrip, there is no better description than the one provided in the Edkins Scrip Catalogue of United States Coal Company Store Scrip, Third Edition, Volume 1. , Bill Williams and Steve
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