Coalport Indian Tree 2 Scalloped Bowls Old Mark

W elcome to C asablanca T reasures

Coalport England

Indian Tree

Early Mark 1891 - 1919

2 x Small Bowl 5" Diameter

we are pleased to offer pieces from this superb Coalport service in the historical Indian Tree Pattern.

Both Bowls Are in PERFECT Condition

Indian Pattern History

The China Works at Coalport was established in the 1790s, and production continued t until 1926. In addition to the many prestigious pieces produced for its more wealthy customers, the factory also made huge quantities of china for ordinary working people. One of the most popular designs, dating from the early 19th century, was known as "Indian Tree". A printed pattern was painted over with reds and greens by skilled workers, many of whom were young, unmarried women. Demand was so great that, for a while, a whole department of the works was given over to the production of "Indian Tree". Many fine examples can be seen on display in the old factory, now restored as the Coalport China Museum.

The design for Indian Tree pattern derives from a Chinese pattern of the Yung-Cheng period (1725-35). The Coalport factory reproduced it around 1801 since when it has been an extremely popular pattern produced by many manufacturers including Spode. Records in the Spode Museum Trust's archive show
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