Coast Guard Riverine Coastal warefare plaque 12th div.

This listing is for a 11" X 8" wood shaped plaque with metal center depicting the U.S. Coast Guard famed COASTAL DIVISION TWELVE (12) which was functional and operational in Vietnam during the period of 1967-1970. VG+

Costal Division Twelve was originally PCF Division 102. Its primary mission was to interdict ships from North Vietnam and prevent supply offloading in South Vietnam, with the secondary mission of providing gunfire support for ground troops.

PCF Division 102 deployed from Coronado, California, in December 1965 to Subic Bay, Philippines. Then it established a base of operations in DaNang, Vietnam, on 13 January 1966. Soon after, PCF Division 102 participated in Operation Market Time and was part of Task Group 115.1. It patrolled areas, between the DMZ and the southern I Corps boundary, using Swift Boats. On 1 January 1967, PCF Division 102 changed its name to Costal Division Twelve.

In 1967, Costal Division Twelve participated in these operations listed below:

Operation Market Time Operation DeSoto Operation Deckhouse VI Operation Beacon Hill One Operation Seahawk Operation Boone Operation Canyon Operation Beau Diddley Operation Beacon Star Operation Beau Charger Operation Bear Claw Operation Bear Bite Operation Beacon Torch Operation Dragon Fire Operation Ballistic Charge Operation Beaver
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