Coastal Serenity" by Judy Dy'Ans - Peaceful Seascape Masterpiece

"Coastal Serenity" by Judy Dy'Ans Oil on Canvas

41.5" x 51" in frame

Everything about Dy'Ans is unique.From her unusual, professional name which she created using letters from hergiven name, to the extensive travels she has undertaken in many exoticcountries. Dy'Ans has established herself as' a brilliant seascape artist whosecareer has spanned more than three decades. Her ability to capture the radianceof the sea and interaction of light and shadow, yet at the same time infusenature's vitality with a sense of tranquility, has ensured her success as amaster painter. Whilst her art is representational, there is a softness to hertechnique that is more interpretive. The glazing technique she uses togetherwith her amazing use of color adds a striking excitement to her paintings.

Dy’Ans journeys have taken her toexotic and varied places; from Midway Island in Japan (where she lived in closeproximity to the Emperor's Summer Palace for three years), to the towns andcities of New England, to the deserts and golden coasts of the V/est.Surprisingly enough, even though Dy’Ans began oil painting in Japan, she didnot attempt to paint the many beautiful Koi fish until after she returned tothe United States. It is thought that some American artists do not portray thetrue feelings Japanese have toward their Koi. However,
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