Cobra Baffler Rail F - 5 Wood

• A four-wayrail sole reduces the area of the club that comes in contact with the ground, resulting in improved turf interaction and maximum forgiveness
• Unique oversized head design and a very shallow face results in an extremely forgiving fairway wood that launches the ball with ease
• Hotter 9 Points technology maximizes ball speed across the face
• A thin, lightweight maraging steel face promotes faster ball speed and allows for 10% of the weight to be strategically repositioned low and back for improved launch characteristics and an expanded sweet zone
• For players seeking maximum forgiveness from the fairway or struggle hitting traditional fairway woods

This 5 wood has been used for about 10 rounds. It shows some light scratch marks on the sole, but there are no dents, nicks, or "sky marks" on the top of the club. (I've used the head cover with other clubs and it shows more signs of wear, a small hole has worn on the underside.) The playability of this club is as new.