Cobra ZL Driver

Cobra ZL

9.5* - Graphite Design YSQ Tour AD 65gram - Stiff Flex

Includes wrench and headcover. New Decade Multi Compound Grip (Blue)

This driver ranks a 10!


These rankings will give you a great idea of the condition of the club(s) for sale.

10 = New. Stickers and shrink wrap included. May even be shipped in original box.

9.5 = Shop New. Translation, never been hit on the golf course. May be some very small shop wear, almost undetectable.

9 = Like new condition. These clubs may have been taped to try for a round and would certainly be sold at FULL price in your local golf shop. Minimal scratches, some stickers, all the paint in the grooves, original grips.

8.5 = Great shape! Minor scratches, some face and sole wear, may have some paint missing, no “dummy marks”, and original grips. Greatest value!

8 = Good shape. These beauties have lots of years left in them. Maybe a few dings or scratches, visual face and sole wear, some paint missing, no “dummy marks”, grips may have been changed. Great Value!

7.5 = Umm, Between Good and Fair. Dings and scratches, definite face and sole wear, lots of paint missing, maybe a “dummy mark(s)”, wear on the shaft, grips have been changed (maybe twice). Great Price!

7 = Fair. I
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