This isa silver bar that was offered by the WorldWideMint during the time they were offering the Silver Coke bars from the " Coca-Cola Bottling Company 75th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Ingot Collection ".

This SANTA'S HELPERS, 1975 ingot is 1/2 ounce of .999 fine silver .

The round comes to you in a separate silver bar, hard plastic holder, in which I have put it. It had been inserted in a 'sleeve' that held four 1/2 oz.rounds, and, that fit in a page of 4 'sleeves', which means: this 1/2 oz. round has been sitting in a vinyl slot, in a vinyl page in the collector's book (that I am also selling at this time, alone, in another listing), inside it's envelope in a safe deposit box for 30 years! Pretty protected. T is some 'storage haze'. You can dip it off, not me.

This ingot was issued in 1975 to celebrate that year's holiday celebration.

On the front : the words: SANTA'S HELPERS and 1975 , surrounding Hadden Sundblom's depiction of Santa Claus , holding 6 bottles of Coke , three in each hand, and he has a wreath of holly surrounding him.

On the back : is the all familiar square and 'swipe' figure,(cubed) and tied with a bow to look just like a package!!!

The background is very mirrorlike on both sides and both pictures are very frosty!

The side has printed: WWM (
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