Coca-cola Clock set on a plastic soda fountain scene-classic 50-60's decor! The clock is working, I've kept a battery in it and it keeps perfect time. It's nicely made, with attention to small details. It's 13" L x 21" W x 3" Deep. The counter stands out-has a mirror behind it with a soda jerk, and ice cream sign, and a menu of sandwiches and salads. The typical napkin holder with ketchup and salt stands next to a burger, fries and ice cream soda. The juke-box on the end plays romatic songs and the couple on the stools hold hands while sipping and sharing an eggcream! Even the tiles are retro black and white! This is a great collectible or would look great in a retro kitchen or den. The plastic is heavy duty, the colors are bright and clear. Hanger on the back.

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