coca cola vendo 83 50's coke machine vintage cocacola

Hello, what we have are two vendo 83 coca cola machines. Neither of these machines are in working condition, and I don't know what all they will need to get them to work. I bought these in hopes of building one good one from the two. The machines look to be pretty complete, they do have some dents in them, the one on the right has some rust im sure of on top right corner w door meets the box and this box has been painted, and is missing the cap catcher on front. The wood on inside of machines is not great but is better in machine on left, wood inside machine on right is rotted in places, provably why doors do not close well. If I were going to build these machines I would replace all the wood anyway. The machine on left has a different style opener not sure why, but i actualy like it better. neither of the machines doors close well, I have done no work to them they are just as I bought them 5 years ago and its time for them to go. They have been stored in the dry since I got them but were outside before. I belive a person could build a realy nice box from these (plenty of parts) T are no keys and locks do not work. Please have a look at pics and see for your self they are realy cool . I prefer you pick up but if your not too far away we might negotiate meeting somew for a fee + mileage, These details must be worked out before

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