Coco Palms Resort, Kauai sink/shower Dolphin Knobs

A set of two of the Dolphin knobs. Picture # 3 is from the Coco-Palms website and shows the knobs in lower right. #4 shows them with the giant clam sink. These are heavy cast metal (don't know the kind) and weigh a pound and a half each. They come in two pieces...picture 2 shows one top piece and two bottom pieces (one upside down). They fit on a spline and the two pieces are joined byan allen screw.

These knobs could be found in both the showers and above the clamshell sinks in the Prince of Hawaii Cottages, the luxury suite next to the library, and in the Fish and Frog Wings.

2 3/8" high x 2 3/8" at widest. Very Good Condition.

weight necesitates using a $4.80 flat rate. I can combine a maximum of two pairs in each shipment.

Coco Palms was the oldest resort on the Garden Isle of Kaua`i, were I live. It was the world's most famous Polynesian resort. Elvis Presley filmed the last quarter and finale of his film "Blue Hawaii" t in 1961, immortalizing its lush coconut groves and picturesque lagoons.

When Hurricane Iniki struck in September 1992, Coco Palms was shut down as repairs proved too costly and battles with insurers began. The property, located on the East shore of Kaua`i by the Wailua Bay and River, was left to decay and is now a ruin.

Recently, a Coco Palms replica was to be developed
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