Code 3 EMERGENCY! 1/64 Crown Pumper - LA County

Code 3 Emergency! 1/64 Crown Pumper - LA County

The EMERGENCY! series is based on an actual firefighter/paramedics project that began in Los Angeles County in 1969. The world premiere episode of EMERGENCY! Aired on January 15, 1972 on NBC with a two hour movie that was produced and directed by Jack Webb. EMERGENCY! ran through September 1977 with 124-one-hour episodes. The first season's engine 51 was an in-service 1965 1250 gpm open-cab Crown pumper with a 935 cubic inch Hall-Scott motor (engine 60), which was stationed on the grounds of Universal Studios, L.A., County Station 60, and was entirely paid for by the studio. L.A. County engine 60 was used for most of the filming that involved a pumper. The Station 51 used for the series was actually L.A. County Station 127 located on 223rd Street in the City of Carson, just off the San Diego (405) freeway. Engine 127 was a twin to engine 60 and by applying adhesive '51' numbers on either of the rigs, the studio could use 127's for stock footage and some location shots. Engine 60 was used for those shots that were filmed on a sound stage fire station interior or other locations within the studio. The Crown was only used as engine 51 for the first season, after which a new Ward La France was received by the studio that could be used wver and whenever needed. The Crown, engine
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