CODE 3 Millennium Falcon Replica NIB w/COA

Thisis a new, never displayed CODE-3 Millennium Falcon die-cast replica with COA (Certificate of Authenticity) #1,324 of 10,000 – so it is a very nice low number of the series. The ship will be mailed in the original CODE-3 box that it came with, back in 2003. The packing of this ship is incredible with three separate sections that combine into one – this ensures safe passage through the “carrier services.” The container was ONLY opened for pictures and to make sure all was t and that nothing was damaged. Smoke free home and this box has never been exposed to ANY form of moisture since I kept this in my spare bedroom.

Basic description of replica:

This an already built die-cast model made of 400 precision pieces. A few of the pieces are removable so as to reveal the details within. The ship can be mounted in a landed style or flying style (elevated base is part of the accessories). The ship can be displayed completely intact, or, with the panels removed to expose the extensive detail. The size is roughly 13” long by 10” wide (about 1/80 scale), and is made EXTREMELY well. The platform this sits on is made of thick glossy black glass with a pewter plaque on the front section. The color scheme of the ship is dead on to what one expect for fast moving rebel star craft, meaning that it s not inaccurately pristine white,
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