COGH - 6 documents with 1791 6 stuiver revenues ( see below)

The 6 documents all have 6stuiver 1791 revenues .. C1A The Sherood catalogue of South African Revenues... Chris Sherood , valued this revenue at 660 pounds sterling before he died. The 6 stiuvers iclude the following ( research can be down on the farms and person's mentioned i these documents.. the Internet in most cases has information in its numerous data bases... I more than likely may have spelt some name incorrectly.. I do apologize.. I have terminal cancer and am running out of time to list my massive collections of naps, prints, COGH and English Documents (I also have a VOC collection from Ceylon with embossed revenues 6st and 12st .. there were only two), postal history from around the world, a huge collection of lithographed Verve magazine prints and of course Maps and Prints and posters .... f their are no buyers I will not relist in most cases and trash ... I will now accept offers .. I will not even be politeand answer if the offer is not reasonable.. I am listing at very low start prices. By excellent embossing I mean that the colourless VOC Cape revenue can be identified with regard to value and date at arms lenth under an ordinary desk lamp. Transfer payment in favor of the sale Gaurita River .. .. the seller is Abigaal Geetricy Pienar and he brother Lauken;s Erasmus who inherited the prperty... dated Cabo de Goede ... read more