Cognoscenti pool cue

I have been selling my pool cue collection for a couple of months now and doing well. Although I've come to one of my last cues that I purchased in the early 90's, and is quite pricey. So I have decided to try ebay to get the right buyer for this particular cue. I purchased this cue directly from Joe Gold out of Chicago, IL in 1992 for about $2800, this cue today still appraised for about this price. I have found that entry level (base models w/no points or inlays start at about $1750 on Cognoscenti's online. This pool cue that you are bidding on is in great condition and comes with 2 shafts and joint protectors. The cue has cocobolo points with sterling silver oval inlays and traditional sterling silver rings and special joint screw. The cue weighs 19oz. and is a little over 58" long.