T. Cohn Superior Service Station, 2 Level Tin Playset

It's rush hour, ten after five at the Superior Elevator Roof Parking Garage and ServiceStation. Operating at full capacity, four attendants are ready to serve the customer’s needs. The Gasoline attendant is in his perfectly pressed pants and hat as his helper with sleeves rolled up cleans the windshield. Another service man is busy changing a tire while the parking attendant sweeps the floor.

This is a full service station as it used to be in the 1950’s with two kinds of gasoline, Regular and Hi-test, displays for tires, oil and batteries plus an air compressor to fill your tires for free.

This vintage play set is “another Superior Toy Mfg. by T. Cohn”. It is from the late 1950's or early 1960's.

This set is in good condition overall. A little dirty, some surface rust and worn off paint spots. Some dings and dents from use. The underside cardboard is still intact with some discoloration. There are 18 original cars (only one is missing its axle and wheels) plus as a bonus, another car not from this set but fits the style.

This set includes:

Four service men... Tire Changer, Windshield cleaner, Sweeper, and Gasoline Attendant in pressed pants and hat.

Tire stand

Hydraulic Jack

Battery rack display

Oil can display

Air pump (note hose has a break to it)

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