Coin 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar Choice BU

1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar graded by the consignor as Choice Brilliant Uncirculated with Proof Like Surface. . A scarce coin in the series! Great Details. Designed by Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan.
United States of America Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1921 Produced at the Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, New Orleans and The San Francisco Mint. Made of 90% Silver.
Keys in the series are:
-1884 CC,-1885 CC, -1888 S, -1889 CC,-1891 CC, -1892 CC, -1893 P, -1893 CC, -1893 O, -1893 S, -1894 P, -1895 P, -1895 O, -1895 S, -1899 P,-1903 P And other semi keys.
A great addition to your collection as Silver is on the rise! No sales tax on coins, bullion or currency. ZB9082 DT