Up for bid is a 1964 Silver Coin Numismatic Clock in acrylic case. It's called a "Silver Orbit" clock, by Marion- Kay Summers. Inside, it are 12 uncirculated 1964, 90% silver coins mounted under the top. 2 JFK Half Dollars, 2 Washington Quarters and 8 dimes. The clock runs on a single C Battery.

Front reads, Silver Orbit on the upper left corner and Marion-Kay rear center. The back reads, Last United States Coinage on the upper left corner and under the battery housing reads, Model No. 14, U.S. Patent D213, Canada 244/30891, M.K. Summers Rd 196, Other Countries Pats. Pend.
The movement is by KIENZLE Germany, 5 sec/d , as it's indicated on the back of the clock. .

It needs cleaned up better than what I have done. Please feel free to contace me with any questions.

Good Luck Bidding.