Old Coin Collection, 10 oz. Silver Ingot, Coins from 1800's, Some Rarer, Morgans

Dad’s Old Coin Collection

Over 100 photos

Highlights are:

a 10 troy oz. silver ingot,

1817 capped bust fifty cent piece,

1831 5 cent piece,

1841 half dime,

1857 Flying Eagle penny,

1893 Barber half dollar,

1911 V cent,

1876 5 mark Wilhelm,

1925 Norse American Centennial Coin,

Numerous Morgan and Peace Dollars,

Mercury dimes,

3 Franklin Halves,

a few Indian Head pennies,

1964 Kennedy halves,

1986 US mint Set,

(2) 1963 Canadian Mint Sets,

7 Ike Dollars,

State Quarters D and P (not Complete),

a roll of Kennedy halves and various Kennedy halves from the mid to late 60s,

some Indian Head nickels,

a pile of pennies with many wheat backs,

various tokens and casino medallions,

Philippine coins,

and older foreign coins from Great Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Australia and more

I am selling this collection for my dad who needs a few extra bucks to pay the rent. He wanted to sell these before the fiscal cliff.

Neither one of us are really experienced coin collectors so you probably know more about these coins than we do.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for lost or misdirected

The Items shown on the table are in addition to the coins in the books

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