** HUGE ESTATE SALE ** THE WINNER OF THIS AUCTION WILL RECEIVE EVERYTHING IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!!! This collection has OVER 150 PIECES of classic coinage and currency!!! Hello everyone! We plan to retire soon and have decided to sell our huge personal coin collection so we can travel and enjoy our golden years together. O ur entire collection will be sold in hand-picked lots until the last coin is gone. This is a WINNER TAKES ALL auction! You won't find another collection quite like this on eBay. The coins and currency in this collection will make a perfect addition to your own collection! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUR #1 PRIORITY!! WE OFFER EACH OF OUR CUSTOMERS A60 DAY 100% MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We provide lightning-fast, 24 hour handling time and priority shipping so your items will arrive as soon as possible.
The winner of this auction will receive: EVERY ITEM IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!!!
THERE IS A DETAILED WRITTEN DESCRIPTION OF EACH ITEM IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THESE PICTURES. THIS LOT CONTAINS ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Classic Lincoln Cent Album with 51 hard-to-find “Wheat” cents An all-time favorite collector’s item! You probably started one of these collections as a child but never could find enough of the old “Wheat” cents to complete it! This classic blue Whitman collector’s album
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