US COIN LOT: 1867 Three Cent Piece, 4 Buffalo Head Nickels, 3 Unc Lincoln Cents

Please review photos again CAREFULLY and GRADE this item yourself.___ The grades listed are just a suggestion. __I use "Photograde" edition 19 and the "ANA Grading Standards for US Coins" edition 6 as my sources.__ This auction is for a set of Old U.S. Coins: 1867 Three Cent Nickel Piece, 4 Buffalo Nickels: 1913 Type 1, 1936, 1924, 1937 and 3 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents: 1955-D, 1957-D, 1954-S.__ As with any EBAY purchase, bid when the final value is a good deal for you.__When you search for coins, beware of the photos of any coin. I suffer taking the most representative pictures of the coins I sell. I have learned that depending upon from which angle the photo is taken, scratches, old cleanings and flaws can be hidden, or weakly seen, and not representing the true condition of a coin. The Higgsfield, me, a retired teacher, geologist, personal cook, and inconsistent golfer, never cleans, sells counterfiets, or misrepresents the items I sell. This is a hobby for me. I started collecting coins in my father's Italian restaurant in Briarwood, Queens. Many of these raw coins were collected there or from saved uncirculated Lincoln cent rolls. After listing fees, EBay final sale fees, PayPal fees, S&H and cost of the coin, I would be better working a shift at Walmart if my purpose was to create income. I supply the opportunity for us ... read more