8 Coin Proof Set~ Giant Half Pound Silver Eagles 1986-1993~ 64OZ 4Lbs Bullion

8 HUGE Half Pound US Mint Silver Eagle Proof Coins!! You may not see a set like this come up for auction again. I will only be listing this one time. These things are big, heavy and truly stunning with their proof strike quality. They started making these in 1986 in very low numbers. This collection has the 1986 first year up to 1993 in a very attractive custom Washington Mint wooden display case. There are 2 more additional foam slot inserts that can be removed so that the 1994 and 1995 coins can be added to the collection to make a 10 coin set.
All coins have Original Certificates of Authenticity with VERY LOW SERIAL NUMBERS!!!! Try to find, or even piece together a set like this with serial numbers this low: 1986 - #1254 off the line... WOW! 1987 - #1074 1988 - #1183 1989 - #1041 1990 - #1176 1991 - #1014 1992 - #8111 1993 - #6515 You are looking at the best form of silver bullion you can buy. These are big sealed US MINT Proof coins that will only go up in value. With raw bullion, all you have is the silver price, with these you have a numismatic value on top of that. This value is affected by the low serial #s on the COAs and the year of mintage. Here you have all of the first years of mintage. Ask your local coin shop if they have ever seen a set like this and what they would sell it for. The Numismatic value could easily
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