coin quarter pusher slider arcade like pot o of silver

This auction is for 1 silver mine quarter slider..

these pushers are like a pot of silver meaning they have the skill wheel in them..I have 10 various pushers available,,

this one works fine and i have 3 more just like this one available,,the other ones are diffrent like mcgregor,skill dragon etc. and most of the other ones need work/parts..they are basicly all the same and most all use parts you can buy from grainger anyway..

I will take one price for all so i reserve right to end auction early if sold locally ..these make great money in the most hole in the wall locations that you cant get any vending machine to make money in so they are a must have for a vending route..please check to see if they are legal for you to operate in you locale please as every place is diffrent...

i will not ship so you must pick up but ive got guys to help load

please email with any questions.