1964 UNOPENED SILVER PROOF SET. THE FIRST YEAR THE 90 % SILVER KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR WAS MINTED This auction is for ONE unopened 1964 SILVER PROOF SET that has never had it's envelope opened. This set is over 45 years old and no one has ever looked inside. The set contain five coins, the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter and the KENNEDY Half Dollar. The Dime and Quarter are also 90% SILVER. Is this just a ordinary 1964 proof set or could there be CAMEO, FROSTED, RARE VARIETIES or HIGH GRADE coins HIDDEN inside (that could make this set worth MANY TIMES THE COST OF IT) like the RARE Proof 68 Deep Cameo KENNEDY Half Dollar (ACCENTED HAIR) or one of the many more DEEP CAMEO Coin Possibilities that would be worth many times the cost of this set. Only the Winning Bidder Will Know if They Choose to Open it. Whether you open it or leave it unopened this set would make a fantastic gift for someone or a great addition to anyones coin collection. YES , we do discount shipping on multiple auction wins so Check out my other items and SAVE!! Thank you for looking.