Coke 10 cent Vendo 81 pop machine

This is an ORIGINAL UNREFERBISHED shiny red Vendo 81 in very good condition. Put a dime in, push the handle down... and pull out a cold Coke! This machine has been in my finished basement since 1975 when it was given to me when we took over a beverage building for an ambulance garage. The only problem, is that seven of the nine shelves are missing. I believe these can be obtained from a restorer. Otherwise, the machine is complete and operational. As you can see, you can put in bottles and use it and two of the trays work fine. It is clean and nice enough to just put in your rec room, plug in, and show off. T are several small scratches on the paint, and someone spilled a couple drops of drab paint, nothing that 50+ years of normal use would have. Even the original glass jar that catches condensation is t I will include several full Coke bottles and several Coke glasses and a wall mount Coke bottle opener. I see the guys that restore these machines use furnature movers for transportation, but it is not cheap. You can do that, or pick it up at my non smoking home. But bring your own football players (laugh) this baby is heavy. Email me for any other infomation. Buyer pays shipping costs.

I had a Coke expert stop over and take a look. His thoughts were it is a 5 out of 10, in average condition, but a nice original, solid,
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