Coke Coca-Cola Bottle Vending Machine Late 1940's Model

This vending machine has been in our family since it was new. It was located at my dad's business for years until they replaced it. I know that it has been in their basement for the past 40 years. It is a rare find, and a definite collector gold mine. My parents have passed away, and I have no w to keep it. I hate to sell it, but it is no longer feasible to take care of it anymore. My loss is your treasure. It was made by the F.L. Jacobs Co., Model # JSC-160 Serial # 5932. I have a description about the company I found at . Go to that site for more info and photos.


Author Unknown

........."The F.L. Jacobs Company of Indianapolis, Indiana would have to be labeled the "dark horse" of machine manufacturers during the Golden Era. While not much is known about their pre-World War II existence, it is believed that the Jacobs Company was one of a handful of manufacturers allowed to make Coke machines in limited quantities during the war years. Those machines, like their competitors', were large in vending capacity to serve the workers in war plant environments. An example was the J-144, a gargantuan machine weighing 580 pounds empty and measuring 34" wide x 35" deep x 65" high. Too big to fit through most doorways, routemen came to fear early versions of the J-144 with its chain driven bottle drum. Powerful enough
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