Cold Steel 3V Master Tanto Knife, 13QBN, New

3V Master Tanto with CPM 3-V steel blade and DLC-coating, 13QBN,
- Cold Steel Nightfall™ Series - New in 2015, in manufacturer's packaging!
Cold Steel is proud to introduce the new Nightfall™ Series of Japanese styled blades made from American CPM 3-V high-performance powdered steel - with the same design and attention to detail as the much loved San Mai classics, but with the addition of this premium American super steel, Cold Steel ushers in a new era of high-performance fixed blades for the discerning knife owner.
Each of these tough, reliable blades is DLC-coated (Diamond Like Coating) to a rich inky black finish. Highly scratch and wear resistant, and honed to an edge that you would expect on the keenest of razor blades, they are not only super sharp, but built to last!
CPM 3-V Steel
American CPM 3-V takes an extremely fine edge that is highly chip-resistant, and in recent years it has proved very popular with custom knife makers. Though costly, this modern tool steel is astonishingly tough and exceptionally wear-resistant. It is a fine-grained powdered steel, with a very uniform microstructure giving it excellent impact resistance and fine edge holding performance, and making it perfectly suited for larger blades where extreme toughness is required.
- 3V Master Tanto
- Blade material:
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