Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Bat 92BS 39oz 34" In Stock!



Item Number:

9 2BS

W eight: 39 oz



Diameter Handle:

2" (approx.)

D iameter tip: 2 3/16" (approx.)

"It's unbelievable. We're seeing eight to 10 bats break every game. Guys are coming back saying they hit the ball on the sweet spot and it still broke." This quote caught our President, Lynn C. Thompson's attention. It's from an article in the Los Angeles Times describing how frequently baseball bats break and nearly injure the players in major league games. The article chronicled the debate currently raging among players over which bat is better, those made of ash, which is lighter and slightly flexible, or those made of maple which is heavier and stiffer. As he read, Lynn began to suspect t might be a market for a baseball bat that just couldn't be broken. What kid, let alone an adult, wouldn't want an unbreakable bat? Now Cold Steel is proud to offer you our first foray into the manufacturing of athletic equipment, the Brooklyn Smasher. Because it's precision injection molded out of the heaviest grade of polypropylene we could find, the Brooklyn Smasher just can't be broken. T's no need to worry about shards of wood flying in your face. No matter what you hit or how hard you swing it just won't break. And its durable too,

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