COLDPLAY THE SINGLES BOX SET 15x7" 1999-2006 - SEALED Coldplay The Singles 1999-2006 (Parlophone Records 7)

All 14 of Coldplay's singles collected together in a box set. Each single pressed on heavyweight 7-inch vinyl and sleeved in its original artwork. The box set contains five singles which have never previously appeared on 7-inch vinyl.
They include 'The Blue Room EP', Coldplay's rare first release for Parlophone in October 1999, which has been split into two 7-inch singles. The box set also features the international singles, 'Don't Panic', 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' and 'What If', none of which were released in the UK. It will also include 'The Hardest Part' [pictured], which was previously only available as a download in the UK.

Tracks Are

One - The Blue Room EP [Part 1]:

1. Bigger Stronger
2. Don't Panic
3. See You Soon
Two - The Blue Room EP [Part 2]:
1. High Speed
2. Such A Rush
Three - Shiver:
1. Shiver
2. For You
3. Careful Where You Stand
Four - Yellow:
1. Yellow
2. Help Is Round The Corner
Five - Trouble:
1. Trouble
2. Brothers & Sisters
Six - Don't Panic:
1. Don't Panic
2. You Only Live Twice - Live From Norway
Seven - In My Place:
1. In My Place
2. One I Love
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