Cole Tool Vise Drill Antique Tool With Original Manual

Antique Cole vise made by Cole Mfg -Chicago Heights,Illinois.This is a very old drill -does not come with vise.original manual is with this!!!It has almost no paint off of it-looks like it had very little use-esp. since manual was with it.Crank turns just fine-Soaked it in wd 40-had some light surface rust on unpainted shaft and handle-got most of it off-comes off easy.

the manual reads like this:the handy portable vise can be used in combination as a horizontal or vertical drill turning the vise in the bench plate 90 degrees it becomes a vertical drill press.the v block grip for round object can be detached thus providing a flat base w desired.

t is more but you get the idea.This is a great old time drill with little use----great shape!!!!this is heavy-will be about 18-20 lbs.Freight will be $16.00 anyw in usa.Thanks!!!