Colecovision Controller w/ Super Action Buttons Converted From Super Famicom Ctr

Super Famicom Controller Converted to Colecovision Controller
This Super Famicom Controller has been converted for use with the Colecovision for gamer's who prefer D-pad directional control . Plug this controller into your Colecovision and you now have all the buttons found on a stock controller available right at your fingertips (including the two additional action buttons found on the Super Action Controller). The numerical keys, including * and #, correspond to the keypad on a standard CV controller. The fire buttons are: Y or L = Left Fire Button, B or R = Right Fire Button, X = 3rd Super Action Button, and A = 4th Super Action Controller Button. All other buttons are non-functional (< , > , C , . , and the inset button labeled in Japanese) .
You will receive a controller in very good condition, there are some small scuffs and light scratches. The controller cable is approximately 6 ft. long and has the necessary end to plug directly into your Colecovision.
No returns or refunds for International Purchases.