Colibri Renaissance Lighter (silver & blue)

Colibri is considered by many to be the very finest in lighters. Since 1928, Colibri has enjoyed the reputation of being the country’s leading manufacturer of quality lighting instruments and smoking accessories. While other lighter companies have come and gone, Colibri continues to set the pace with innovative design, upscale finishes and the most technologically advanced lighters available today.
The Renaissance is one of Colibri’s most dependable models, thanks to its battery operated SST ignition system. Yes, the battery is included! This innovative system delivers a continuous, powerful torch flame that’s windproof and adjustable, quickly lighting the foot of your cigar despite the harshest of conditions. The handsome metal casing is high-polished, while the sleek design makes for a comfortbale fit in the hand. A one of a kind lighter from one of the biggest names in the business!
$80.00 retail.

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