Collectable Antique Mexican Spur Engraved Silver Inlays and Conchos in Deadwood?

Collectable Antique Mexican Spur Engraved Silver Inlays and Conchos Deadwood, South Dakota
Up for auction is a tooled "Fancy, working cowboy's, Mexican spur". with a story....... First the details, Then the history. Boot Width is 3 1/8", depth is 4". Total length is 7 5/8" long. Shank and yoke forged and beautifully finished. Tooled steel is a beautiful example of both chisel work and filing (some file marks still show). 10 point rowel, measures 2 7/8" in diameter. Heel rest to bottom of rowel is 2 1/8". Barrel design chap keeper. Looks like double chain tie-down. only a couple of links left now. Silver conchos all riveted in place, still tight. 16 1/4" silver button conchos, 2 3/8" silver button conchos , 2 7/16" silver button conchos , 2 5/8" silver button conchos, 1 7/8" silver button conchos, Approximately 15" of 1/8 wide silver, inlaid and tooled. Inside and outside of the yoke are large silver inlays, also tooled ALL ENGRAVING DONE WITH A FLAT GRAVER It is a beautiful treasure of American western history, Nice patina, no rot, no attempt to clean or polish the spur' surface has been attempted.
"Why isn't it pretty and shiny?" you may ask. It is rusty and dark and the silver is tarnished.
..... and How did this cowboy's left spur get to South Dakota?..... and how did he loose it? I have been asking myself that for
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