Collecters Limited Edition Gold Canadian Club Bottle

This is a 40 oz, Collectors Limited Edition bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey. The bottle was imported into the USA to commemorate the 1976 Olympic Games and in turn was taken back to Canada in 1977. This is no ordinary Canadian Club bottle.

The bottle almost looks gold plated but I am sure it is the way the bottle was manufactured. The 1970 seal is intact and the only âeoewearâe on the item may be a few bruises on the label itself. In the past years I have not seen another one so I would suspect t are very few, if any in circulation.

The bottle will be shipped via FedEx and to only a US or Canada address.


* The Value Of The Item Is In The Collectible Container, Not It's Contents.

* Bottles Of Wine Are " Not " Permitted Because Their Value Is Often Based On The Wine, Not The Bottle.

* The Container Has Not Been Opened, And Any Incidental Contents Are Not Intended For Consumption.

* The Item Is Not Available At Any Retail Outlet, And The Container Has A Value That Substantially Exceeds The Current Retail Price Of The Alcohol In The Container.

* The Seller Will Take All Appropriate Steps To Ensure That The Buyer Is Of Lawful Age In The Buyers and Sellers Jurisdiction. ( Generally 21 Years Old )

* Both The Buyers And The Sellers Ensure That The
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