Collectible - Coca-Cola Collectors Club Wood Sailboat


The Coca-Cola Collectors Club

1998 Minneapolis, MN Convention

"City of Lakes"

Beautiful Red and White Sailboat

The white sails on the left depict the Coca-Cola Logo and a seagull. The sails on the right side show the convention logo also with seagulls and the #24. The Convention logo says: "City of Lakes", "Refreshing", "Minneapolis, MN 1998", "TCCCC" and has 4 smaller sailboats with the numbers C2, 3, 12, M24. It also has a Coca-Cola button and bottle.

The boat is made of wood and is painted in Red and White.

The bottom of the boat has a gold sticker with The Coca-Cola Collectors Club logo and #A0075 of 2000.

The boat sits on a wood stand.

Approximate height (with stand): 18"

Approximate width:14"

This item is in very good condition.

This is a wonderful item for any Coca-Cola or Sailboat collector.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more pictures.