Collectible Drag Racing Alarm Clock Nascar NHRA NIB

Drag Racing Alarm Clock with Lights & Sound

Detailed Description

Drag Racing Alarm Clock with Lights & Sound
A replica of the "Christmas Tree" from the drag strip provides a great wake up call every time. All the lights, sounds and actions of the dragster are It starts with the engine revving and the tires warming up, the staging lights show the racer positioned and the starting lights go off in sequence until 8000 horsepower screams into action sending the dragster hurtling down the strip. Features a "try me" button for an instant preview. Also includes working temperature and humidity gauges.
Item No. DRC15

Retails for $ 29.95

Batteries: 3 AA
Size: 4.25" x 4" x 6"
Packaging: 4 color Giftbox