RARE COLLECTIBLE!! 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) Silver Holy Mary Puzzle Coin

1 Kilo Silver Holy Mary Puzzle Coin


This is an exceptionally rare and impossible to find coin.

I am not a coin dealer. I'm a disabled veteran selling some of my personal collection to pay off a few bills.

I have searched the Internet at least twice a month since April 2014, and I have only seen one other of this coin. And it was being sold by a Czechoslovakian coin dealer for The equivalent of 2900 American dollars. This is truly one-of-a-kind. It is highly unlikely that you will ever see another one.

This silver proof 1 Kg coin is a large 120 mm in diameter, but whimsically separates into 13 pieces of the whole puzzle, including a beautiful circular center piece and 12 amazing interlocking notched puzzle pieces that fit snugly together.

Coin comes in the original luxury lacquered wooden box, the sturdy outer protective box, heavy duty hard plastic clear coin capsule and certificate of authenticity in mintage of only 1000 pieces !

The life of Mary eternalized on a unique 1 kg silver puzzle coin. 12 outer ring Liberian puzzle coins with a face value of 5 Dollars and one center piece with a face value of 40 Dollars. Together one real special puzzle coin with a face value of 100 Dollars. Obverse: Coat of Arms of Liberia, year date and denomination.
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