Collectible Old Man and Woman Set of 2 Ethnic Dolls

This OLD MAN AND WOMAN is quite the pair. Their facial expressions and detail, with their expressive eyes, wrinkles and clothing, makes them very special - with an ETHNIC feel (the "Old" country). They're in excellent condition, and appear to be handmade/crafted. I can't find a tag anyw on them and they appear to be made out of some very, very hard plastic (?), but their fingers, etc. can't be bent.

The OLD MAN has velvet shoes, a nubby textured jacket, with a belt with metal buckle and a small sachel sewn on to it. It's made of a material that made to resemble leather. His brown pants are of a cotton type blend, again with a nubby texture. His wrinkled face has rosy cheeks and deep wrinkles on his forehead. His long flowing white hair and beard make him all the more appealing, adding to the feeling of his ethnic character.

The OLD WOMAN has a mossy green colored velvet skirt, the same velvet shoes like her OLD MAN, as well as the jacket she's wearing which is made of the same material as the man, except her's has 2 buttons on it. She also has a cotton muslim type long sleeved blouses underneath her jacket. She also has cotton "bloomers" on underneath her full skirt. She has a slight smile on her face, and her cheeks and forehead are rosy. She has curly white hair underneath her scarf, which is tied around her head,
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