Collectible Tabasco Cast Iron Skillet - Never Cooked In

Thanx for stopping by to view another auction for Klassic Kollectibles by TruJo, Colby, Kansas 67701, USA ....

Up for auction, we have a very nice advertising cast iron skillet made for Tabasco - McIlhenny Co., of New Iberia, LA.

This skillet has never been used. Never seasoned. No serious rust. No damage. And it would look great hanging on someone's wall along with their other cast iron cookware. It needs to be heated up, and wiped down with a piece of hog fat to keep it from rusting up as many cast iron items do over a period of time.

A great pan for cooking Mexican Food in!

IF nothing else, it would make a very good husband tamer!!

I can't sell this item as new, but it looks new. And I don't have the box it came in either.

Measures: 14 1/2" long from tip of handle to tip of skillet, and 7" wide across the widest part of the skillet itself.

Weighs without any boxing: 2 lbs 9.5 oz.

You collect cast iron cookware.. is you a beauty!

Have a Very Nice Day... and may 2007 Be Prosperous For Us All!

Any more pics needed, they can be provided.....send me your email address and I will send as attachment from my personal email addie with reference to this item in the subject line!

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